Understanding The Referral Process

Patient Referral Process

By Kimberli Frantz, MD At Lassen Medical Clinic, we field a lot of questions from patients and caregivers about referrals – why they’re required, and how they work. A referral, in the most basic sense, is a written order from your primary care doctor to see a specialist for a specific medical service. Referrals are required by most health insurance

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What You Should Know About ICD-10

International Classification of Diseases Changes

The last five years have seen significant changes in how the U.S. health care system works. Federally-mandated reforms have drastically altered the ways all health care organizations – from small single provider practices to large health systems – handle patient data, record keeping, communication and privacy. The latest reform scheduled to take effect on October 1 will change how those

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Changes In Medicare – The Affordable Care Act

Healthcare Reform

The New Law Preserves and Strengthens Medicare The Affordable Care Act passed by Congress and signed by President Obama in 2013 will provide you and your family greater savings and increased quality health care. It will also ensure accountability throughout the health care system so that you, your family, and your doctor – not insurance companies – have greater control

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